Tonight is “leftover night” so I won’t be posting the normal menu. Instead, I wanted to thank the hundreds of readers who have been following my blog! I just realized that I have passed the one year mark! Since a large number of you seem to read (and/or “like”) the posts every time I put something out there, I am asking you to oblige me with a small favor. I am very curious as to your “motivation” to follow Chez Edouard. If you would be so kind, would you post a short comment on tonight’s post to let me know why you follow, and how I might make things better? NOW, before all 1,500+ of you say “add photos” PLEASE understand that I’m working on that aspect. But the problem is, when I get my dinner prepared, I’m hungry, and the thought of stopping to take a picture before I sit down to eat is anathema to me most nights. Nevertheless, I will work on that aspect of the blog. So other than THAT issue, please provide feedback. Tell me what you like…tell me what you don’t like. (I take constructive criticism well!) And many, many thanks to my devoted readers!

Happy cooking and eating!