This menu at first sight, might seem as if it fits more into a fall/winter venue. But if you review the various components, I think you’ll find it particularly appropriate for the late summer. While the chicken breast (with skin and bones attached), is roasted, that happens with a refreshing lemon and garlic note. The bread dressing features summer peppers and a topping of fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese. The green bean and corn chilled salad also brings this menu more in line with the summer months. And the peaches from Tigo Orchards in Pennsylvania are gorgeous at this time of year! A note to those who are not in the loop with my prior blog posts—the chicken MUST be organically-fed and free-range in order for it to be superlative in
flavor. It makes all the difference in the world.

Chicken breast roasted with fresh garlic slices stuffed under the skin and lemon carpaccio
Cornbread dressing with celery, onions, banana and Italian peppers, with herbs from the deck garden and topped with fresh heirloom tomatoes and parmesan
Chilled salad of green beans and corn with a rice wine vinaigrette

Peach crisp