Tonight I am revisiting a dish from the rchives. Because I hadn’t prepared it in such a long time, it seemed the apropriate point to revise and update the basic theme. A few notes: Many fish filets can still have bones no matter how good the fishmonger is with their filleting skills, so it’s a good idea to use the “finger press” method to detect and then dig out any bones you may find with kitchen tweezers. Next, when I say “barely wilted” baby spinach, I mean just that—you do NOT want “melted” spinach—it should only stay in the saute pan for a few seconds. The toasted cornbread crumbs add a nice bit of “crunch” to the menu, as do the pine nuts tossed with the rice.

Baked grouper with onions, peppers, garlic, and cherry tomatoes, served over barely wilted baby spinach and topped with toasted cornbread crumbs
Brown rice tossed with pine nuts

Peach crisp