I don’t think I have prepared this menu for the blog before, but if I have, it bears repeating. Very simple, especially if you have boiled the potatoes ahead of time. You can even cook and crumble the bacon ahead as well. Getting back to the potatoes…it’s important NOT to let them overcook during the boiling stage. If you can find new potatoes about the size of golf balls, they shouldn’t cook more than about 10 minutes and should NOT be at the “fork-tender” stage just yet. Immediately drain and place in an ice water bath until cool. Then peel them and dice. Since I chose to smother my toast in blueberry jam, I didn’t feel the need for a traditional dessert tonight, but if you are so inclined, some fresh fruit would be good.

Omelete stuffed with goat cheese and bacon bits
Diced new potatoes fried with peppers and onions
Toasted bread Chez Edouard with house-made blueberry preserves