If you are a fan of pulled-pork sandwiches, a very Southern tradition, then I think you will like this menu. Many years ago, I developed my own variation using chicken breasts. It’s easy to accomplish (far easier than the pork version). Season the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, and garlic powder…spoon a bit of barbeque sauce (I use Annie’s Organic brand), on each breast and bake covered in the oven until done. Take special care that the meat does not overcook. Cool the dish until you can comfortably “pull” the meat apart with your hands into shreds (or chop with a knife). Then, put the meat, the accumulated juices from the baking dish, and more barbeque sauce into the top of a double boiler and heat everything together. There…I’ve basically given you a recipe! In the South, we top the meat with coleslaw in the bun, but if you want it on the side, it’s your choice. And the cake is simple. Just follow any recipe for the ubiquitous “pineapple upside-down cake” but replace the pineapple with a layer of fresh sliced peaches.

Eddie’s pulled barbeque chicken in a soft roll topped with coleslaw
House-made bread and butter pickles
Corn on the cob
Blanched green beans

Peach upside-down cake