I just realized that due to being preoccupied with other projects for the past few days, I had failed to post some of the menus for this past week. So, see Wednesday’s menu as originally intended for posting below.

The components of tonight’s vegetarian menu are predominantly Southern U.S. in origin. While wonderful locally-grown heirloom tomatoes are still available, I wanted to take advantage of that and prepare a Paula Deen recipe which is one of her signature dishes. I made a couple of minor variations, but the spirit of the dish is still the same. I encourage you to visit her website for the recipe, and please don’t be put off by the mayonnaise—that’s what really puts the dish over the top! At her restaurant, she serves this with a beef tenderloin and mushroom ragout. But since tonight was veggie night for me, see what I have done as great accompaniments to the meal.

Tomato pie in my house-made pie crust with sauteed onions, and pepperjack and cheddar cheeses
Black-eyed pea salad served in “boats” of whole leaves of romaine lettuce
Deep-fried breaded okra a la Chez Edouard

The rest of the peach cake