What would summer be without at least once having a grilled hotdog? And not just any hotdog…here we are talking about an organic beef dog grilled over the coals with some of my favorite toppings. Once the dog is done to your liking (I prefer it charred…actually almost burnt on the exterior), I split it in half horizontally, and then stuff it with thin strips of cheddar. It then goes into a bun and is topped with traditional condiments such as mustard. But in my case, I also slather on a few additional toppings. One is a Texas Chili Sauce that is a favorite from my childhood. When I researched the ingredients for this I was surprised to learn that it was 100%  vegetarian! Another topping we use for our dogs in the South is coleslaw. Yes…try it folks! And while you are at it a spoonful of sweet pickle relish takes everything over the top!

Grilled organic hotdogs with condiments and toppings in soft rolls
Oven-fried potato coins
Baked beans

Fresh fruit