The title for this menu may seem a bit misleading when you read it through (because what I propose here is not what your ideas about Miami are likely to be), but let me explain. I first encountered a variation of the proposed main dish in a restaurant on South Beach during the late 90’s. My friends and I had been out dancing all night long (at that point every venue on the Beach was open until 5 a.m.). After only a few hours of sleep, and bleary-eyed, we managed to make our way to this small house of a restaurant on Ocean Drive and we all ordered the special scrambled eggs on the menu. My companions and I emerged from the restaurant refreshed, energized, and ready for a new day lounging on the beach…and yet another night! The following is my improvisation on that memorable meal, which I find just as suitable for dinner as it was for breakfast. It’s important to remember that eggs need not be cooked for very long—otherwise they become dry and unpalatable. As soon as the vegetables are sauteed to your liking, toss in the eggs, stir for only a minute, and remove from the heat while they are still very moist. Believe me folks. I can’t tell you the number of house guests who ask “what is your secret to such wonderful scrambled eggs?” My answer is always: “don’t overcook them.”

Garden vegetable scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and crumbled goat cheese
Oven-fried potato coins and breaded tomatoes
Toast with jelly