It has been many years since I made Brunswick Stew. Flipping through several cookbooks while planning this week’s menus, and seeing a different recipe for this dish in each, inspired me to revisit a Southern U.S. classic.  As is the case with all good home cooking, there are as many recipes for the same dish as there are cooks! So, improvisation is actually the rule here, but the common components consist of stewed chicken, onions, tomatoes, and corn. And it’s best when the vegetable components are garden-fresh, making it a great late-summer, one-dish meal.

Brunswick Stew Chez Edouard, with chicken, bacon, onions, hierloom tomatoes, corn, Yukon Gold potato wedges, peppers, and lima beans.
Cornbread muffins
Baked honeycrisp apple wedges from Tigo Orchard with a sprinkling of sugar and