A couple of weeks ago when I was making the barbeque chicken sandwiches I was reminded of the fact that I hadn’t made traditional pulled pork barbeque in a while. Thus tonight’s menu. I chose to make a North Carolina style sauce from scratch (which is actually quite simple). The NC sauce is characterized by its cider vinegar component and it is quite thin in consistency. Serve plenty of paper napkins with this meal, ‘cause it’s going to be drippy, but OH so good! Cooking the pork is easy if you plan ahead. I simply put the pork shoulder in the slow cooker and let it simmer with
some onions and water until it falls apart. It’s then ready to combine with the sauce and reheat together before serving.

Pulled pork sandwiches with house-made North Carolina barbeque sauce
Eddie’s purple cabbage  coleslaw
Organic potato chips
House-made bread-and-butter pickles

Watermelon wedges