This “homey” meal will hopefully bring back memories of childhood. There are no geographic boundaries by which it can be labeled…it’s simply a good all-American style meal of meat and potatoes with a side dish. But, in an attempt to elevate the meal a bit beyond what you might expect, I have added some “twists” to the ingredients of each of the components. I hope you will be inspired to try each and enjoy. As a reminder, recipe requests are welcome—just comment on the site.

Southwestern Salisbury Steak Chez Edouard flavored with chipotle chili powder, garlic, onions, and cilantro served over a pool of warmed house-made tomato salsa
Smashed redskin potatoes with sour cream
Succotash of fresh corn, lima beans, and diced red peppers
Eddie’s quick bread featuring fresh dill and cheddar

Vanilla ice cream