This menu is easy to pull together if you have some fresh ripe garden tomatoes, a pepper, an onion, and some garlic cloves. While these components roast in a 400 degree oven for 45 minutes, you have plenty of time to attend to other household chores or do a bit of reading. Once the vegetables have roasted until their skins are slightly charred, you let them cool in the roasting pan, slip off the skins of each, and toss together in a large skillet with the roasting juices. Reheat the mixture until hot, season to taste with salt, pepper, herbs and maybe some spices such as chipotle chili
powder, and toss with pasta. I used some house-made tagliatelle that was stored in the freezer, but cooked dried pasta would work for this as well. A dollop of sour cream or ricotta cheese mixed in at the end is good (I used sour cream tonight).  A slice of bread on the side was all I needed to complete my meal, but if you feel the need, a simple side salad could be added.

Roasted heirloom tomato-pepper-garlic-onion sauce on house-made pasta with a
garnish of sour cream and herbs
Dill and cheddar bread