The temperature only rose to 52 degrees here today, so a warming soup seemed to be the right menu for tonight’s  dinner. And it’s always a welcome thing (in my book), to prepare something so hearty that it serves as a “one-dish” meal. All that is needed to complete this menu is some bread and a wonderful Autumn dessert.

Minestrone Chez Edouard featuring cannellini beans, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and green beans and zucchini from Lois’ Farm served over Cavatelli pasta*
Pepperjack cheese-cornmeal biscuits

Apple-pear crisp with vanilla ice cream

* I encourage you to cook the pasta separately from the soup because if added to the soup, it will become flabby and soft. To serve this dish, place a few spoonfuls of the cooked pasta in each serving bowl and ladle the soup overtop. Finish with a grating of Parmegiano Reggiano cheese and a swirl of extra-virgin olive oil.