While I have shared some meatloaf meals before, I haven’t shared this one. In this case, grated and chopped vegetables replace at least ½ pound of the meat you would traditionally find in most loaves. You get all the flavor of the ground beef, with the additional texture of the vegetables baked in the same pan…and noone will be the wiser unless you tell them! A wonderful alternative to the ubiquitous mashed potatoes which usually accompany meatloaf is included here, along with an inspired sauce. And the biscuits are also rich with an autumn vegetable mixed into the dough!

Meatloaf with grated zucchini , carrots, onions, and red peppers with garlic and spices, baked in the oven; and served over a “gravy” of beef stock/chili sauce reduction
Potato and turnip casserole with cream cheese, and bread crumb topping
Steamed broccoli spears with melted butter
Sweet potato biscuits

Chilled grapes