I’m sure most folks are aware of the classic “French Dip” sandwich where slices of roast beef are stuffed in a roll and served alongside a bowl of au jus dipping sauce in which to dunk the sandwich. And it’s almost always served with a side of fried potatoes. Well, tonight, I’m giving this idea a makeover with classic Southern U.S.
ingredients. Remember the sweet potato biscuits from earlier in the week? After
cutting them out, I froze some of the uncooked biscuits on a baking sheet and then
transferred them to a freezer bag for later…tonight in fact! There’s no need to
thaw them, but they will take longer to bake. This menu has a great combination
of contrasting sweet, salty, and deep, heated, and creamy flavors.

Sweet potato biscuits split and stuffed with country-cured ham with a dipping sauce of red-eye gravy
Deep-fried pepperjack cheese grit logs
Broccoli slaw