This menu is a variation of ones I have shared before. To my mind, there is nothing more succulent than braised beef short ribs, and no better way to prepare them than what Alice Waters suggests in her book The Art of Simple Food. I do make some
changes in the way that I prepare this dish in order to streamline the various steps. On the day that I arrive home with the meat, I immediately give it a coating of sea salt and pepper, cover, and refrigerate until the next day. Then, I roast the ribs in a hot oven. Both of these steps conform to the original recipe. Where I break away is in the fact that I place the roasted ribs and other ingredients in a slow cooker and let everything braise for hours. The aroma in the house is wonderful, so I get to enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming dinner, and there’s no need to check a pot in the oven, which leaves me free to work on other projects.

Beef short ribs braised with aromatic vegetables, tomatoes, red wine, and
beef stock
Potato, turnip, and celery root puree
Green beans

Small plate of fall fruit wedges: apples, pears, and figs—with a garnish of
toasted walnuts