As I was planning the menus for this week, it struck me that I had not had a turkey burger in quite a while. So the challenge was to come up with a way to elevate what can be “ho-hum” to a different level. In this case the turkey is seasoned with minced garlic, salt, pepper, and smoked paprika, and enhanced by the various toppings. The fries are simple if you have a mandolin cutter—the slices need to be less than matchstick thin before being cut into shoestrings. The tea cakes for dessert are not “cakes” at all, rather a very, very old Southern recipe for cookies that has as many variations as there are cooks. My maternal grandmother included some very cryptic notes in one of her journals about these cookies—and I’m sure it made all the sense in the world to her. But unfortunately, I couldn’t make her recipe work. Finally, after much research, I pieced together several different recipes to create the one I use now and call my own.

Turkey burger cooked in the stovetop grill pan with
pepperjack cheese melted on top, and served in a house-made bun with barbeque
sauce, lettuce, and a slice of crisp bacon
Shoestring-cut potato oven fries

Old-fashioned tea cakes