For tonight’s menu, I combined some of my favorite Autumnal ingredients in what turned out to be a wonderful celebration of the season, and the various components complimented each other very well on the plate (and the palate).  The dressing was inspired by one created by Paul Prudhomme, but I got creative with it and included an ingredient that wasn’t part of his original recipe. And by the way, did you know that the secret to a truly juicy pork chop is to start cooking it in a cold skillet, and then cook it slowly? Most recipes call for searing over high heat first and then turning the heat down.

Skillet-cooked pork chop with a deglazing of water and Dijon mustard
Cajun-spiced rice dressing with diced apples, sweet potatoes, raisins, pecans, onions,
and bell peppers
Braised rapini greens

House-made pumpkin ice cream with cookies