As many of you know, I have been referencing Anson Mills products since the inception of my blog, and two of their most wonderful ingredients are Sea Island Red Peas, and a product known as Rice Grits which are small, broken pieces of whole rice kernels. At the Anson Mills website, you will find recipes for both the pea gravy and the grits that I suggest in this menu. However, I did not follow their recipe for the pea gravy tonight. Instead of the chicken and ham stock suggested, I used vegetable broth in order to make this a more vegetarian menu. I also added other components to the overall meal. The sweet potato pancakes are probably not what you might expect. Have you ever had potato pancakes made from mashed potatoes? Well this dish is similar but substitutes baked, mashed sweet potatoes. These are also “oven-fried” until crispy on the exterior and melt-in-your-mouth creamy inside: very different from the shallow-fried versions cooked on top of the stove.

Carolina Gold rice grits smothered in Sea Island Red Pea gravy with a farm egg cooked “over-easy”
Braised greens
Sweet potato pancakes

A cookie