In the bistros in Paris and other parts of France, you often encounter a soup made
with mixed dried beans during the fall and winter months. Usually the beans are
cooked with some sort of pork, and I can’t deny that’s a good way to enhance the flavor. But tonight, my version is vegetarian, using a good house-made vegetable stock, and if it doesn’t have quite the depth of taste compared to the dish made with a ham bone, it is just as satisfying. And the grilled cheese sandwich which accompanies the soup has nothing to do with Paris (or any other part of France that I am aware of), but the cheese I suggest here is made in Austria…a close-by neighbor. And the salad of bitter lettuces is refreshed by the sweetness of the vinaigrette and nuts.

Eddie’s “Paris Bistro Soup” of mixed beans and legumes
Grilled cheese of bread Chez Edouard stuffed with Amadeus Shardinger
Bitter greens salad of radicchio and chicory with honey mustard vinaigrette and
maple-glazed pecans

Baked apple with spices and brown sugar