It’s wonderful that you can prepare many different cookie doughs ahead and freeze them for baking later. Today, I made three different doughs that will not be baked until late next week. All of these doughs can sit in the freezer until that point in time.

I am making a total of twelve different cookies for this holiday season and I will update you as I progress through the entire repretoire.

Today, I made the doughs for:
Brown sugar-pecan shortbread (a family favorite)
Tangerine butter cookies (another family favorite)
and my Lime-Coconut cookies which you can find the recipe for on my post on September 29, 2012

All of these doughs can be made and frozen ahead of time as they are considered “icebox” cookies, which means that you take the logs of dough out of the freezer just before baking, slice them, and bake…simple!

The next set of cookies I will report on are those that you can also make ahead and refrigerate the dough for several days before rolling out and baking.