If you have been following my blog, you know that I am an advocate of using a slow cooker for dishes that are best simmered for lengthy amounts of time over low heat—particularly during the fall and winter. Unlike traditional recipes for beef stew, I include quite a few Southwestern elements in this dish: green and red bell peppers, chipotle chilies, tomatoes, and hominy. Stews exemplify the description of “one-dish
meals” and normally I wouldn’t recommend much in the way of side dishes, but in
this case a bed of steamed rice lends a nice touch as does a small salad with a cooling dressing to counteract the heat of the stew: both in keeping with the Southwestern theme of the menu.

Southwestern stew of braised beef cubes, sweet red and green peppers, smoked chipotle chilies, tomatoes, spices, and hominy served over long-grain rice with croutons of Chez Edouard bread toasted in the oven with a topping of pepperjack cheese
Romaine lettuce salad drizzled with house-made ranch dressing

Tangerine ice cream with white chocolate chunk cookies