The entre I relate here is my simplified adaptation of an Alsatian dish known there as Choucroute arnie. Please do not be put off by the sauerkraut component of the dish. If you do as I suggest—soaking the kraut in several changes of fresh, cold water until much of the salty brine has been extracted—you will find this to be a wonderfully palatable dish.

My variation streamlines the original version by including only smoked chicken sausage with a small amount of uncured pork bacon. I also add a diced apple to sweeten the dish and help counteract some of the brine (thus the Normandy accent).Typically,the dish includes small potatoes baked along with the other components, but I choose to boil tiny potatoes separately and then toss them with the braise just before serving.

Choucroute Garnie Chez Edouard featuring sauerkraut, pearl onions studded with cloves, baby carrots, smoked chicken sausages, applewood-smoked uncured bacon, and diced honeycrisp apples braised in stock and wine
Tiny potatoes from Huntsinger Farms
Soda bread
Maple pudding