The traditional Italian scallopine of pounded cutlets of veal is replaced here by horizontally-sliced chicken breasts that are dredged in a light dusting of flour that includes chili powder, powdered garlic, and cumin. These are then quickly sauteed in olive oil after which the pan is deglazed with lime juice for a more Mexican or South American slant. A small amount of butter is added to the pan to enrich the sauce before drizzling over the chicken. The rice is pretty typical of south-of-the-border cuisine as well, with the inclusion of some salsa. And while not traditional in any sense, the snow peas add a wonderful note of green to this menu.

Spiced chicken scallopine sauteed in olive oil with lime butter sauce
Steamed rice with salsa
A dollop of refried beans topped with sour cream
Steamed snow peas

Fresh pineapple wedges served with shaved coconut and a splash of rum