To my faithful followers, I apologize for the lull in my recent posting to the blog. Never fear however, because I am dedicated to this project even if there are occasional lapses. Tonight’s menu may seem a bit ubiquitous on the surface, but you have my assurance that this is rather different than what you might think at first. The tuna salad is probably not your mother’s rendition (since I decided to be a bit creative with tonight’s version). And the sides are easy, quick, and filling on a night when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Not gourmet cuisine by  any stretch of thought…simply a good meal.

Tuna salad featuring diced, hard-boiled egg, minced onions, dill pickle, and spicy peppers, with cubed pepperjack cheese and house-made mayonnaise seasoned with ground chipotle served in a split mini baguette
Quick baked beans Chez Edouard: canned Great Northern beans seasoned with catsup, dry mustard, paprika, black pepper, and minced onions and garlic slow-baked in the oven
Organic potato chips seasoned with sea salt and black pepper
A tsatsuma tangerine topped with sunflower seeds and a drizzle of melted chocolate