Tonight’s menu celebrates the transition from spring to summer. When I produce a vegetable plate I usually like to include a variety of tastes, textures, cooking methods, and (in warm weather) a combination of hot and cold offerings. And while that approach does involve a bit of extra time and effort, I try to streamline the prep by creating as many components as possible ahead of time. In this instance, the beets were made over the weekend and the lentil salad and muffins were produced earlier in the day, leaving only the potatoes and squash to deal with at the last moment.

Vegetable Plate for June 11, 2013
Chilled lentil salad served over baby spinach leaves
Marinated baby beets from Clay Family Produce next door
Boiled new potatoes from my father’s garden
Breaded and oven-fried summer squash from the farmers’ market
Cornbread muffins

Fresh strawberries and cookies