How do you enjoy a barbeque sandwich made from scratch without spending the time to slow-roast a pork shoulder? Chicken takes far less time and produces more than acceptable results. You can roast an entire chicken or just the parts you like best. Tonight I used a combination of breasts and thighs basted with my housemade peach barbeque sauce. When the chicken was done, the meat was pulled off the bones just as you would do for pork, and kept warm in a double boiler with a generous coating of additional sauce. Served on a housemade roll with coleslaw this was just as satisfying to me as the traditional pork sandwich.

The salad is made of canned black-eyed peas which helps save time. Look for a variety that is packed with only water and salt with no artificial additives or preservatives. A toss with both sweet and hot peppers, some finely diced spring onions and minced garlic, and a simple vinaigrette streamlines preparation of this simple side dish.

Pulled chicken sandwiches with peach barbeque sauce and coleslaw
Chilled black-eyed pea salad
Deep-fried shoestring potatoes
Bread-and-butter pickles

Watermelon wedge