What would summer be without one (or two or three) burger menus? And there’s nothing new here in terms of the individual components. What IS different is in how each is prepared. Tonight’s burger is made of turkey seasoned with minced garlic, topped with pepperjack cheese, garden tomatoes, grilled onions, and served on a housemade yeast roll. The potato salad features the addition of chopped bread and butter pickles benefitting from the pickled flavor not only of the cucumbers but the onions and peppers also. Corn on the cob is steamed in a rack over simmering water just until hot and served with chili butter. So with just a few twists in how each item is prepared, you end up with something a bit different than the traditional.

A note about the corn. A quick steaming is one of my favorite ways to prepare corn on the cob. It prevents the natural sugars in the corn from being leached into a boiling liquid, and the kernels remain full of flavor and juice.

If you plan a bit ahead, the dessert is simple. Place the frozen peaches in a blender with some milk, cream, sugar, and a few drops of vanilla, process until smooth, and voila! No need to make ice cream.

Grilled turkey burger with toppings on housemade rolls
Potato salad Chez Edouard
Steamed corn on the cob

Peach milkshake with sugar cookies