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The highlight of tonight’s menu is a recipe I devised based on a couple of others. Beautiful corn, green beans, and cherry tomatoes were available at the farmers’ market, and I was inspired to create a chilled salad as an accompaniment to the grilled fish. It’s simple and relatively quick, and must be made in advance. The dressing for the salad has no oil–it’s simply rice vinegar, sugar, and a pinch of salt with some minced red onion. A chiffonade of basil is tossed in just before serving. Light, refreshing, delicious, attractive. The vegetarians among us may be tempted to feast on the salad alone!

Pan-grilled Atlantic cod basted with barbeque sauce
Chilled corn-green bean-cherry tomato salad
Boiled new potatoes
Yeast roll Chez Edouard

Sugar cookies


Monday: A Salad Plate Chez Edouard

In certain food circles, this meal would be considered a “composed” salad. In others, it might be called something different. I like to think of this as something that is perfect for a hot summer night. It’s not the ho-hum “big salad on a plate” with everything tossed together with the same dressing. Rather, the various components are separately spooned onto the serving dish so that each showcases a unique note while at the same time contributing to the overall experience. The cheese, legumes, and egg provide all of the needed protein for this vegetarian dish.

Baby romaine lettuces with house-made Ranch dressing and sliced radishes
Lentil salad topped with crumbled goat cheese and garnished with garden tomato wedges
Marinated carrot salad with orange peppers and onions
Boiled farm egg wedges
Garlic and parmesan toast

Raspberry mousse

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