Christmas Day Dinner

Our family has always had a tradition of eating ham on Christmas day and I adhered to that habit again this year. This menu is meant to reflect the particular proclivities of my family during the holiday season, and my way of capturing what my mother used to do, but with some of my own unique variations.

  • Niman Ranch all-natural  applewood-smoked ham with Eddie’s special glaze
  • Marlene’s potato casserole |
  • Rice dressing inspired by Paul Prudhomme, with raisins, pecans, and spices
  • Mac and Cheese inspired  by Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis
  • Eddie’s secret recipe for candied sweet potatoes
  • Green beans and Great Northern shell beans
  • House-made Angel-flake rolls
  •  Cranberry-strawberry jello mold based on church cookbook recipes
  • Eddie’s Winter Fruit Pie
  • Pecan praline cake
  • Eddie’s fruitcake drenched in rum and aged for the past month
  • Shelby’s coconut cake